Sunday, April 28, 2013


I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for fifteen years now. How it started is tedious and depressing and probably something I will go into at some stage, but not quite now. What is important is that it has been fifteen years, and in that time I have been through a certain amount that may benefit other people.

I have been through a lot of therapies, doctors, supplements, medications and treatments, and am about to embark on another attempt to get some improvement in my situation. I write a number of blogs, for various things, though nothing as yet on CFS or ME. So I thought, now is a good time to put out there some of my experiences that may be of use to people in similar situations.

I imagine that a large number of CFS sufferers are worse off than me. I would estimate that I am operating at about 70% capacity, I work part time, have some kind of social life, travel occasionally. Many people I know would not even know that I have CFS.

I also don't really have great ups and downs. My state of health, as long as I avoid major relapses, is fairly steady and predictable, again something I know a lot of people with CFS can't say. So I'm aware that some sufferers may not be able to identify with me totally.

Yet, like everyone, my life is very limited. I have no hope of owning a house in the future, or of having a real career because of my lack of energy. And having a relationship, or the prospect of having children, is complicated by my whole health situation. Most things are a struggle, and it often feels like an achievement just to survive.

The things that I have found that help are small in number. Magnesium is a key. I was shown to have a deficiency six or seven years ago, I started off with injections but when I finally moved on to the oral kind things did improve. I found I slept better, and had more stamina. I am still taking it today, and wouldn't be without it.

Another is high strength B-vitamins. I take a B-Complex that contains 50mg of each B vitamins once a day. They are pretty much the only supplements I have taken that have had any effect.

In further posts I will give more background and detail to my experiences. 

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