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  1. Hello :)

    We have in the past exchanged comments I think on one of your blogs, and I do receive them to my inbox. I like your style and subject matter.

    As a volunteer I run the content team for Phoenix Rising, and am in charge of approving, and publishing articles.

    We have 8,000 + registered members, 10 new members accepted every day, and our newsletter is subscribed to by 4,000. In short, we are the largest patient forum in the world for ME (and other associated discussions).

    Enough... :)

    I'd like you to consider perhaps writing an article on a subject of your choice, or a part of your personal story, than I can publish on Phoenix.

    Generally, articles run from 1-5,000 words and given our primary audience - namely patients but also clincians and scientists - I do like to break the text up with relevant pictures which the author can provide or I can source myself.

    If you are interested, perhaps you'd be kind enough to let me know?

    My email is:

    And the forums and articles can be accessed here:

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes